Deans Office

Behavior/Attendance team


Deans Mission

Responsible for carrying out the school’s restorative justice, safety and behavior programs. The deans provide proactive leadership to engage all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to support the students’ academic achievement, personal and social development.

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Oletha Watson      Alpha Slice ( A-G)

Senior Class Sponsor, [email protected]

708-758-7000 (ext 3239)

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Tom Tong Alpha Slice (H-O)

Head District 206 Wrestling Coach,Asst. Varsity Football Coach

[email protected]

708-758-7000 (ex. 3124)

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Timel Moore  Alpha Slice (P-Z)

Bloom Trail High School   Dean P-Z

Bloom Boys Basketball Assistant Coach

[email protected]

708-758-7000  (ext.3112)

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Kim Kracik, Truancy officer

[email protected] (ext. 3266)