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March 5, 2021
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Change in Meal Distribution

Good evening to our District 206 Families-
There will be a change with our meal distribution process and schedule due to a portion of our student population transitioning to in-person learning over the next couple of weeks. If students are not scheduled for in-person learning on a particular day, they can retrieve their meal from the bus at the newly scheduled times and locations. The new bus schedule can be found on the school website and is attached to this email. If the student is not sure of their assigned bus route, the bus routes can be found within the students’ PowerSchool accounts under the Grades and Attendance tab on the left.
Process for in-person students
  • Students in-person will board the buses at dismissal
  • Students should exit the bus nearest their home and take their meal upon exiting the bus
Process for students who are remote and for asynchronous Wednesdays
  • Students who are participating remotely should first identify the stop closest to their home from the list found on the schools’ website.
  • Once a stop is identified, go to the stop and wait for the bus to arrive. Please remember to wear a mask. 
  • When the bus arrives at the stops, allow students that are on the bus to first exit the bus. Please maintain six feet distance from other students.  
  • You may then approach the bus to receive your meal
  • After you receive your meal, return home for the targeted re-engagement period at the end of the school day.


Dr. Gregory Horak