Trail Theatre Troupe

The Trail Theatre Troupe (T3) is an extra-curricular activity in which students learn about acting, play production, and stage work culminating with performances in the fall and spring. Trail Theatre Troupe consists of two groups of students: the play cast and the stage crew, who contribute to the success of every productions. 

This year will look a little different.  Due to theater shutdowns caused by Covid-19, we are going to perform radio plays.  What is a radio play?  It is a play that is performed over the radio (or internet in today’s world).  It relies on solid acting and vocal presentation from the actors and a great use of well timed sound effects from the crew.  We will be producing a night from the 1940s and will have three radio plays as well as some commercials and opportunity of songs of the 1940s era..

Auditions will be the week of September 14th and will be held virtually.  Directing the shows will be Mr. Kunkel, Mrs. Finlon, and Mrs. Orozco.  Mrs. Reed and Mr. Bielecki will be working on the musical portions of the show. Rehearsal schedules will be adapted around the availability of the director and cast but for now are slated to take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday s at 2:55.

 Students interested in joining T3, please contract Mr. Kunkel at [email protected]